General Training

AMNCO SECURITY is an industry leader in the development, implementation and administration of highly successful Safety and Security training programs. AMNCO SECURITY views training as a core-competency and takes responsibility for ensuring that all employees have the necessary tools and skills to be successful in performing their specific duties. Upon award of the contract, WE will develop an annual training plan and program that meets all contractual training requirements. The following is a partial list of what an effective training program is based on and aims to achieve:

  • Develops: and maintains the necessary proficiencies Of the security team.
  • Encourages: growth and development and assists every employee in advancing to the maximum of his or her ability and meeting their career objectives.
  • Meets: and exceed industry-driven criteria and standards.
  • Anticipates: and responds to changing industry requirements.
  • Focuses: on customer Safety and Security needs and objectives.
  • Transfers: specific values and beliefs about Amnco Security and the client that positively impact service delivery.
  • Assist: in achieving business objectives of Amnco Security and the client.

To be eligible to work at premises each employee will meet each of the above training requirements. Prior to becoming assigned to duty, all new hire employees will undergo two days of Basic Security Officer training.

On the Job Training

Components of the initial training include:

  • AMNCO SECURITY overview and orientation
  • Client specific overview and orientation
  • Introduction and historical perspective of the Security Industry
  • Expectations of employer/employee partnership and outcomes of training
  • Specific course criteria and training

Reinforcement Training

AMNCO SECURITY believes that the best way to ensure that our security Officers have the appropriate job knowledge and skills to meet and exceed contract specifications is through performance testing. To do this. we utilize our site and team assessment program to evaluate the officer's ability to do the job. Assessment criteria will be derived from initial training programs, refresher training instructions, assignment instructions, and AMNCO SECURITY and the client policies and procedures

First Aid Training

AMNCO SECURITY recommends that security officers be trained /certified as First Aid Providers. An 'official' person in uniform is generally the first person turned to in a crisis situation. Thus, we believe that The Client will operate a safer, more secure environment if officers are cross-trained in Aid.

Training Records

AMNCO SECURITY will maintain a training file on each employee. Employee training file will include: Employees name Position occupied Educational Background Refresher training AMNCO SECURITY training Classes attended/scores

Our Training

  • What is Security?
  • Public Relations
  • Legal Power and Limitations
  • General Duties
  • Patrolling on Foot
  • Patrolling in a Vehicle
  • Note Taking and Reporting
  • Communications
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Inspections and Safety
  • Emergencies, Natural and Man-Made
  • First Aid
  • Special Problems of Security
  • Enforcement
  • Observation and Description
  • Bomb Threat
  • Evacuation
  • Physical Training
  • Risk Analysis and the Security Survey (for Supervisor)
  • Evaluation Systems
  • Firearms