The SERVICES we provide

Our staff are committed to maintaining high professional standards in their work and appearance as well as providing a caring. discreet and effective security service to every one of our customers. A constant spur is the thought that: 'If we don't look after our customers — somebody else will and of course, we remind all readers our company motto... " GUARDING, LOYALTY & STABILITY'

Our initial approach to your security needs follows a well - established pattern...

  • We listen to what you have to say about your organization. its problems and any Unusual requirements or aspects.
  • We Study the situation and carry out a thorough and comprehensive security survey.
  • We recommend the security measures. which need to be implemented and of course advise on the cost of doing so.
  • We Act with your agreement on those measures. providing a security service tailored to meet your precise needs.
  • We Keep in Touch thereafter the service is monitored through our extensive supervisory program and regular meetings with management.


Our core business is the provision of manned services, which account for the major part of our consolidated turnover. These services comprise:

  • Static Guarding

    A service designed to meet the needs of each contract and the security risks involved, whether at a factory gate, an office reception desk, a hotel check-in hall, a financial institution or an embassy reception desk. Uniformed, trained security guards are usually based permanently on customer's premises. Their duties may involve the central monitoring of security systems as well as extensive rounds of inspection at intervals during day and night.

  • Special Event/Concert

    Experience of dealing with public gatherings of all sizes is another of our specialist areas. We can compile a plan suitable for the event that will take into consideration everything from the needs of your guests through to the safety of your performers, while maintaining a discreet yet effective presence.

  • Cash-in-Transit

    Our Specially trained and vetted guards operate armored vehicles to transport cash, bullion and other valuables, both nationally and internationally. This is a high visibility service for banks, building societies, post offices, local authorities, retailers, jewelers and others requiring the movement of such cargoes. Each vehicle is in constant two-way communication with our control center and follows strict routines and procedures.

  • Technical Services

    Technical services include intruder alarms, fire protection equipment, access control, closed circuit television, perimeter site protection, and alarms monitoring systems, integrated security systems, physical security, electronic time recording and service, maintenance and repair services.

  • Total Plant Protection

    This provides round - the - clock security and surveillance, involving a totally integrated fire, safety, and monitoring and security service by on-site guards. The service includes 24-hour monitoring of alarms and other information systems, such as air conditioning, temperature and process Gauges, as well as out-of-hours attention to telephones and fax machines. Urgent messages are handled and transferred to designated staff, and internal and external mail is distributed. Fire prevention and response is usually an important aspect of total plant protection, and safety and first aid services are among the many other duties our guards perform.

  • Mobile Patrol

    Visits and checks on many premises are carried out by our mobile patrols at irregular intervals and unspecified times, particularly during the silent hours, weekends and holiday periods. This shared service provides customers with a uniformed mobile security guard equipped with two-way radio, cellular phone and in constant contact with our control center. The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by a system which not only ensures its efficiency and effectiveness but also gives customers detailed reports confirming that the guard has made his visits and rounds of inspection in the proper manner.

  • Retail Security

    Either uniformed store guards or plain-clothes store detectives play a major role in our retail security services. Activities are not confined to preventing or apprehending shoplifters: dishonesty and wastage, Test purchasing and inventory controls are among the other areas monitored and covered by our services. A variety of security products, such as loop alarms, security / safety mirrors, electronic article surveillance, and closed-circuit television are also available for retail outlets.

  • Store Detectives

    Trained to handle all eventualities in a calm and courteous manner. You may feel a visible presence as offered by our 'Retail Security Officer' service is not really suited to your particular needs but you still require protection from the ever present with a store detective can offer all the advantages of a uniformed officer and more besides. His greatest asset is his ability to blend in with your customers and get closer to the problem areas without upsetting genuine shoppers or forewarning the thieves. Shoplifters can be both caught and dealt with quickly and unobtrusively, in a manner, which reflects your business and clientele. Store Detectives are a truly effective means of dealing with Shoplifters and the negative effect they have on your business.

  • Commissionaires

    Chosen and trained to be courteous, efficient and helpful. The correct choice of Commissionaire for your premises can enhance your corporate image whilst still maintaining security. Our Commissionaires are very well trained and are chosen for their ability to deal with people on many levels. They are polite, helpful and above all else extremely aware of their surroundings, particularly the areas of your business that are potentially open to abuse. A commissionaire can quickly become a real asset to your business in more ways than one. We have supplied Commissionaires to a variety of businesses and deal with ever increasing requests for their services

  • Key Holding

    Safe custody of a client's keys, with particular emphasis on providing immediate access for the emergency services. If the alarm is tripped in the middle of the night by burglars or even everyday emergencies such as fire can the key holder can respond in a time scale befitting the circumstance. Why leave it to chance_ by utilizing our 'Key holder' services you can be certain of on effective response time with the added bonus of trained personnel on hand to help deal with the problem and liaise with the emergency services. Our key holders will know who to call, where to find them and know exactly how to organize repairs if needed...even in the middle of the night. Our 'Key holder' service offers a truly effective way to deal with any late night or out of hour's yourself or your own key holders backup from professionals.

  • Surveillance

    Covert operations carried out with complete discretion to suit clients' requirements. Such operations may be required for a wide variety of reasons and circumstances. Unfortunately, we find that our clients are occasionally open for abuse from employers as well as shoplifters and burglars and it is just such a situation that covert surveillance can help with. We can arrange for effective surveillance assuring complete discretion, and help to resolve any problems that you may have. The potential for such a service cannot be over stressed and we are confident that we can offer impartial, professional advice in matters of a difficult or delicate nature. In situations where discretion is paramount 'Covert Surveillance' can be arranged assuring the minimum of disruption to your working routines

  • Consultancy

    Amnco Security offers a totally independent professional service. We advise on all matters of security as well as all of the previously mentioned areas. Together we can formulate a cost effective and practical solution for all of your security concerns. You will have the benefit of many years practical experience behind you when you request our 'Consultancy' services, ensuring a truly sound blueprint from which to begin. Our Consultancy service is there to advise you on the complexities of effective security implementation

Other services:

  • VIP Bodyguard
  • Airport Meet & Assist
  • Security Officers
  • Valet Parking
  • Traffic Control
  • Investigations
  • Safety Officers
  • Safety and security consulting
  • Security training programs
  • Security management guideline

Finally, our managers are also security consultants, able to advise clients about practical security techniques, supplemental safeguards and the cost of alternatives. Clients are encouraged to discuss security problems and to consider our security insight and suggestions in order to produce the best security program.